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Posted in Uncategorized by Alissia on April 1, 2009

Nothing like trying to sound intelligent at the end of a long day.  It was a good day…very active.   The weather was beautiful, which definitely helps.  Nothing monumental today.  I figured out how to link my blog and my website, which was very exciting…but only to me.   The small victories count too.  I also decided that I’m going to take some kind of metalsmithing or wire wrapping class at an upcoming Bead Fest.  I need to expand my skills and I love the look of the swirly wire wrapped bracelets and rings…I have been thinking of taking a silversmithing class for awhile.  So we’ll see how that goes…the Bead Fest is a month away, so I have a little while to wait.  I will post some pics of the finished product in May.

One funny personal story that keeps running over in my head…I just want to write it down before I forget.  This came from the mouth of my four-year-old daughter, Kira.  On Sunday I was reading her a story before nap time and she started looking at her arm.  I asked her what she was looking at.  She said, ” I have hair growing through me.”  I explained that we all have hair growing all over our bodies.  She said,”Yeah, someday we’ll be all Daddy’s.”  Maybe not quite as funny in print, but I laughed my butt off.  Those little four-year-old heads are always thinking!

That’s all the words I can press for today.  Good night!