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Kira and Me

Kira and Me

My name is Alissia. I am a stay at home mom, working on starting a crafting business…jewelry to be specific. Right now I work with natural stones and do a little wire wrapping. I plan to keep expanding my knowledge of jewelry making through schooling. I’m interested in becoming more advanced in my wire wrapping skills and also learning some metalsmithing. My interests don’t stop there and I don’t think my business will either. I have taken some classes in floral design and would love to somehow incorporate that into my business once I get it off the ground. I love gardening and plants. I am considering taking the classes required to become a yoga instructor. I love learning about gemstone energy medicine and any energy medicine, for that matter. I have some grand ideas for the future that involve educating the world about the benefits of energy medicine and all sorts of alternative healing methods. I am trying to instill in my daughter a passion for holistic healing, wholesome food, and caring for the earth. Daily I try to think about what more I can do to make my life more green. Mostly, I’m a mom who tries to do the best she can to raise her very spirited child. Any of these topics and more are fair game for my blog. I think my subtitle works because that encompasses all that I need it to….Mostly About My Life and Starting a Jewelry Business.


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