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Posted in Flowers, photography, WAHM by Alissia on April 30, 2009
Little Toad We Found Hopping Around our Backyard

Little Toad We Found Hopping Around our Backyard

I love taking pictures. We saw this little toad in our backyard and I ran inside to get my camera. It was the time of day where the lighting was perfect. Is it a little silly? I get excited when I see an animal that I don’t see very often. I was so close to him and he just let me take his picture. There were a few times where he decided he needed to get away from the lady with the camera. He started hopping and startled me. Through the lens, the toad looks a little bigger and, for some reason, it was more unexpected.

Dogwood in my backyard

Dogwood in my backyard

I so love springtime. I really do look forward to this time of the year…the month or so where the trees are all different colors and covered in flower blooms. We are lucky enough to have two Dogwood trees in our new backyard… and I’m lucky enough to not be allergic to springtime. I don’t even know what I would do if I were allergic to flowers and pollen…I love them so. I guess I would just deal with it.

Photoshop adjusted Dogwood

Photoshop adjusted Dogwood

I am trying to practice photographing flowers and blurring the background. I seem to do alright, but the lighting never seems to be quite right. I always have to play with it a little bit in Photoshop. (I’m trying to learn my way around…there’s so much to learn!) Here I decided to play with color a lot. It’s the same photo as above, but cropped a little more and the color is exaggerated for a dramatic effect. This version is pretty too, but in a more retro way. I usually prefer the more natural photos, especially of flowers.

I am slowly learning…maybe I should take a digital photography class, that might help. Anyway, I just wanted to share these photos of spring. Since it’s gone in a flash (as evidenced by the high temps of this past weekend) it’s nice to capture it on camera. It’s possible you may see me again later today, I may try to do 2 posts…I guess we’ll see what the day brings. A day in the life of a work-at-home mom…things are always changing and surprising me.


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