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Posted in Flowers, Gardening, Kira by Alissia on April 15, 2009


I saw these Ranunculus at the store and instantly knew I was buying them. They are one of my favorite flowers. Yes, yes I have lots of favorite flowers, but Ranunculus and Hydrangea top the list. I wanted flowers for the table anyway…so why not! A little yellow Ranunculus, a little white freesia…a gorgeous springtime centerpiece. When I get some really beautiful flowers, I love to try to capture them on camera…to play with the angles and lighting and see what kind of shot I can get. I think I did alright here…I’m not a pro or anything, but I really like to play with the camera.

It was a crazy holiday weekend…not much time for anything work or jewelry related. I bought the flowers for the table for the big family dinner on Sunday. It was my first time hosting a dinner like this one…for 17 people. I did most of the cooking, with some help. I think it was pretty successful…everyone is still alive, so that is a plus! It was exhausting, but well worth it!

Over the course of the whole holiday, I believe we did 4 egg hunts and dyed eggs twice…I think I’ve had my fill. The second time we dyed eggs, Kira was done in 5 minutes…and she had a whole dozen eggs to color. She would drop one in, take it right out and put the next one in. She just wanted to get up and play. Needless to say, most of her eggs were really light. When she got up, I thought I would re-dye some of them…I think it’s fun to dye eggs. Of course, I got caught and she was not happy with me for changing her eggs.

So that was my holiday…some flowers, some family, some food, and some eggs (lots and lots of eggs.)

Kira dying Easter eggs

Kira dying Easter eggs

Ranunculus and Freesia

Ranunculus and Freesia

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