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Posted in Jewelry, WAHM by Alissia on April 8, 2009

Multitasking would be the one word that described this day. I know I have a lot to do over the next few days, so last night before I went to bed I made myself a schedule. I really just wanted a guideline for the week…a way to manage my time effectively. All morning Kira and I were no more than 10 or so minutes off my schedule. By the time late afternoon hit, I was exhausted. I had already done so much. We had played, been to a couple of stores in preparation for the holiday weekend, boiled eggs for the preschool spring party…and the list goes on.

That’s when I realized…I have to be flexible or I might break. It’s a juggling act as any mom knows. First of all, I want to make sure that Kira is getting enough quality time with me. I’m home with her most of the time, so you wouldn’t think that would be difficult. The more I throw myself into learning how to run this business, the more I struggle with time management. I’m sure this is something that any new business owner/mom struggles with. I have to learn to balance all of my hats…the mommy hat, the artist hat, the business hat, the cook hat, etc…you get the picture.

Over the last few weeks as I have returned to focusing on the business with renewed vigor…I have found that my jewelry projects seem to fall through the cracks. There has to be a balance and I know I will find it, I just haven’t yet. One day there will be enough of me to go around…hopefully one day soon.

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